Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blue, Blue and Green

Blue, Blue, Green

White, Blue, Blue, Green and yellow

I want to say something my love

For we are drifting in different streams of live,

Different paths,

Crossing in the third dimension

Our lives are carried forward,

Our loves might get forgotten

But I hope, I would hope that you will remember the memory of our love

Your life is young

Your path and journey is long

And you will drink a sip from the river of love, now and then at your will

And question the path, and or the journey

You have your life

You are the river that run swift with a song,

not the blank one I gave you

Breaking through all barriers,

Going away from the mountains that made you become a river

I am the mountain, I stand, and cannot move

I am the mountain, building drop by drop the river of love, I stand and cannot move

I am the mountain, I stand, and cannot follow you

I have a memory of you, I stand and cannot move

And waiting for the next rain to bring you back.

Molana told by Yahya July 2008

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