Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why, must you know what is life

Why, must you know what is life

Why, must you know what is love

Live, Life, Love they are words floating on river of thoughts

What is life?

Perhaps life is seeing a green garden form window of an airplane, flying high

Perhaps life is seeing reflection of lights, white, red form high above,

When you just thought you are all alone

Perhaps life is hearing yes, from the one you want to say yes,

But expecting to hear no

Yellow, green, white

Why I am here, thinking in pain

Why so much pain, when the sky is blue, the sun is shining yellow and the ocean are green

Blue or green, I think green

Why not stop, when you are so high up, leave all behind and melt in the heat of sun

It is just a red leaver


What is love

Perhaps love is a smile when she realizes that the six paper clips can have a meaning,

It is only in how you arrange them,

Perhaps love is life, unknown, unreachable, indescribable

Perhaps love is longing for the one who is not here

Perhaps love is nothing but seeing a light at the end of the dark night

You must know that

Nothing last for ever

No one lives forever, keep that in mind, in love

Our life is not the same, when in love

Our path is not the same long journey as before, the path changes because of love

Love is the journey, of life

Love is the path

Live it

And come closer.

Sephery and Molana Told by Yahya July 2008

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