Saturday, August 9, 2008

It is a nice evening

It is a nice evening
I am sitting in a hot tub
The crescent of the moon floats in the air
The Pine tree is stretching to touch the moon, in wane
Bees are in search of flowers
And the flowers longing for the bees

I touch the hot stream of water; it is hard, full of waves, moving
It is like touching your back, full of waves, hot, soft

I stroke the surface of the water, it is hot, calm, tranquil, and
My hand floats softly between the waves
It’s like touching you
The first time, when you where mine
You lay down next to me
Like a dove, motionless, warm,
Looking at me, in search of trust
Did you find it?

It’s a nice day
The sun is warm, yellow
The moon is motionless, white
And the pine trees are covered with orange light
I move my fingers through the warm air,
It is soft, warm and is full of the memory of you that is floating in the air
Full of waves, I close my eyes, and you are here
Come a little bit closer….

Yahya August 08

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