Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hundred twenty three

Hour after hour
Day after day
Month after month
I watched the time go by
I watched you, not all of the hundred twenty three days
I dreamed about you, every one of the hundred twenty three days
I thought about you, every minute of the hundred twenty three days

I long for you
I want to be near you
I want to hold you
I want you to say "I want you"

Month after month
Day after day
Hour after hour
I watched time go by
I waited for you to come to me

Hour after hour
Second after second
Waited for a beep
Was careful not to be the sixth

Day after day
Night after night
Slept across the bed waiting for a dream to come true

All these days and nights
Without you being around
I dreamed about you
And in my dream, the joy and happiness is boundless

Walk to me
Talk to me
Dance with me
Be mine a hundred twenty three times more.

Yahya 31-may-2008

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