Sunday, September 28, 2008

I want you

To find you

I have come a long way

To touch you in my mind

I have crossed my montains

In my long jurny, to find you

I have crossed occens, and seen lonely waves in search of land

I have crissed deserts, full of sands

Golden sands, that you me not to hold to strong

I have crossed white magiestic cloudes,

that reminded me of the white magnolia flowers

I have crossed skies,

with colors so beutiful that I tough I am looking at your eyes

I have seen a circular rainbow,

with shadow of my soul in the middle of it, serching for your

It has been a long journy

and the the clock was ticking

and the days went by so fast

You know that

I want you

I need you

I want to hold you, smell you

I want to see the line drawn in sand, disappear with the wind of time

I want to say "Yes" to the two questions at the gate of happiness

You know that

I want you

I want you now, before I am goone

Yahya 12-June-2008

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