Sunday, September 28, 2008

You told me

You told me

Sitting in a beach

Looking at the sea, blue, green

Like the waves wants to come to shore

To be away from the ocean

Like the light, from the star high above

wants to come to this dark night to toch your face

I want you

I want to drift to you
I derem of being a river
with water so blue, so green

Wish you were here

Wanted to be the water that touchs you
Wanted to be the air that sourands you
Wanted to have wings to fly over and watch you

Now, I am nothing but a dream
Now, I can drift to you
Like a river, so green, so blue
Wish I could sourand you, touch you, hold on to you

Wish I could be there
Wish you were here

Now, I am nothing but a dream
Dreaming about a hot summer day
far far before time

wishing I could smell a peach
wishing you were here

Yahya 22-Jun-2008

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