Thursday, October 16, 2008

One day

What I need is you
What I want is you
What I dream is youIn the past, present and future

Is only you, you and you
What I need is to be near you, see you
What I want is to touch you
soft beyond any dream
What I dream is to be one with you
To see, what you see
To feel, what you feel
To sense, what you sense
To love, what you love

Loving you, is loving myself
Loving myself is loving you
One day, you are me, I am you, one
One day, I am you, you are me, one
One day, there is no stop, no hesitattion only love
One day, there is no past, present and future only love
Yahya Oct-2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I loved you for a long, long time

I loved you for a long, long time
I know this love is real, and not a lonley integer
But however I count it, it is an integer not a real.

I'm longing for you
I can't pretend I'm not

I need to see you, smell you, inhale you
I need to be near you,
And sometimes when the moon is aligned with mars
I need to touch you
I need to be near you and be in your thought
I want to be around you in the virtual world, when time and distance merge
And you know that I'll never get enough

When I think about you
I see you every where
I see you in the TV, acting in all movies
I see you on the bus advertisment, selling me happiness
I see you lying down with me in the garden watching the shy
I see you waking up, taking a shower, a very long one
I see your hand writing, not a love letter to me
I see your hair, pefect moving in the wind like magic

And I call you, I call to you, waiting for you to pickup
But I don't get an answer or reply

I sit in the porch and look at the clouds
White, yellow and orange and dark

I walk into an empty building
I had no place else to go
Some one is calling me
The sound is as familar as the air is with a falling leaf

I see you sitting there with a beautiful smile
I tell you I love you more than anything else that I know
You lean toward me and with the sweetest voice I ever heard,
Whispered to me,
I love you too

Then I wakeup
Still in the porch
Alone, longing to have you.
Yahya Oct-2008