Thursday, December 25, 2008


I was thinking of us today
And the times we shared
How nice and joyful we were

But now we are apart, for now
Yet we still have our dreams

For in our dreams we are together
Holding hands on the beach
Talking all night under the silver moon
With stars around us
Kissing and holding each other tight
In our dreams

For no matter the distance
Or the obstacle you know
That you will always belong to me
For we are meant for each other
To be one, not now but in the future
Not only in reality, but also in our deams

I am dreaming about you

24-Dec-2008 Yahya

Friday, December 19, 2008

I feel it in my heart

I feel it in my heart
I feel it in my eyes
I feel it in my bones
That I love you, more
Tomorrow and yesterday
More than ever

The sky is green, or is it blue
The clouds are orange
And you are my sun in the sky
To warm me with your bright rays
To merge with me
To float with me
To be one with me , one day

I saw it in your eyes
I heard it in your voice
I felt it in my body
When it was merge with yours
I taste it in your kiss
Soft, sweet, warm
That you love me too
Tomorrow and yesterday

More than ever
More than five
Passed the eight level of joy
Waiting for the nine.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Circles, Circles

White, Yellow and Orange

How can I express my feeling of joy
When you are wrapped in the golden blanket
Laying down next to me
Eyes closed, thinking, thinking
Full of joy

Sun is shining outside, but we are in the shadow
Away from the constraints
Joyful of the moment

How can I extend the time, when I am with you
How can we move to the fourth dimension

When I am alone
In time present, time past
How can I tell you that I want you,
When I know it brings pains

You know I love you
You know I want you
You know I want to dance with you

When I am with you
How can I freeze the time in this moment
How can hold on to you forever
Hand in hand
Bodies connected
Kissing each other forever

..... ..