Sunday, February 15, 2009

The day has began

The day has began
The sun has painted the clouds white and orange
The birds started to fly toward the horizon,
floating motionless in the air
The trees are covered in the early fog
And I can feel the cold breeze on my face,
and move my hand through the early fog

I close my eyes, and imagine that you are standing next to me
Move my hand and touch your back
Curve after curve
Warm and soft,
So peaceful
I can feel your heart beating
And I know with each beat I am going to be closer to you

I know that you are sleep
Perhaps dreaming of
The golden circles and squares dancing and merging together
In the forth dimension
But not sure if I am there holding you

I am here, standing alone in front of the raising sun
Thinking about you
Feeling the early sun rays on my face
Its like touching your face
With my face
And inhaling you breath

I am merging into your dream
We are in the fourth dimension
In the golden room
Dancing, dancing and looking at each other
You surround me, it is like that I am floating in the air
White, yellow and orange

I open my eyes, I am still standing in the cold morning air
Warming up with the early sun
And not sure where you are now

The only thing
I know is my infinite love for you
The craving that wants you to be mine
With no constraints
With no boundaries
Only love
Only love

I know I can not reach you now
But know that you are thinking about me
Your pure love surround me
I feel the joy of knowing
I feel the joy that will come
I close my eyes and you are standing there
Looking at me, smiling
The music start
The dancer chants
Darga Ja Ja Ma
Darga Ja Ja Ma


Yahya 5:34

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