Monday, October 12, 2009


Sitting here alone
Thinking about you
Now I know that you love me
And you know that I love you more,
Like a flower loving the sun

We have been together covered with soft white clouds
And love floated between us
You who loved me
and I who loved you merged together

But life has separated us now
I am here far away from you
You are there in the hot sun
But knowing that I am waiting for ..

The autumn has come
The number of months and my count of happiness
Are merging together
And the sixteen white doves are flying toward the horizon

I can close my eyes
I can feel my hands moving slowly on your back
Wave after wave of softness
And I can touch the constraints of my happiness

Sitting here alone
With your memory in my mind
Knowing that I will see you again
And hold you tight and this time might not let you go


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