Sunday, October 17, 2010

dreaming of her today

I was dreaming of her today
In my dream
She walked in today
She said just for a minute
I forget all I memorized to say
I get mesmerized by her beauty

She looked like an angle
Just like out of an art book
Just beautiful
And happier than my picture of her

I think about time
One more minute
I should let her go
She touches her watch
It is so hard to let her go

I can still smell her
The smell of peaches
The smell of freshness
The smell of life

Her hair looked exactly like that picture
I always think that he has painted a wrong girl
Curled after curl
So soft
So fresh
I could touch them
But was afraid of her look

When I looked at her eyes
They were full of joy
They were full of questions
They were happy

And so soft is her face
It feel like you are moving your hand against a white cloud
It is so hard to let her go

Just beautiful
I can see her with my eyes close
I can love her for ever


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