Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sense of Joy

How can one express the sense of joy
How can one preserve a beautiful picture into memory


Remembering how cold was the beautiful silver design compare with the
warmth of the curve
Remembering the taste of honey when you have been hungry for so long
Remembering the warmth and softness of the fifth dimension when you
are allowed to go that high
Remembering the wave of the hands up and down and trying absorb all the joy

Remembering the smile in those beautiful eyes
Remembering that for few tiny part of the time and space you were mine
Remembering the way the dance starts and how soft is the music of the spheres

I think I can live with these the rest of my life
I think I can close my eyes and think of this beautiful Tuesday
Only 21 days into spring

I know summer is coming
More and more
And more

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