Sunday, October 17, 2010


See the sorrow in my tired eyes
How it melts drop by drop
Like a rain washing the soil in a cold day

See how my black shadow in this gray world
Is disappearing by your light
Slowly, slowly

In such a dark night as this
The whole of my sky
Becomes full of meteors and comments
By your light and shine

You have come from distance far
from land of smile and brightness

I can hear the voice of angels singing
The sounds are not from this earth
The sounds are from far far away
Wash me with wave of your sounds
Let me drown in the beauty of the moment

I am cold and lonely here
Warp me up in the silk of your kisses
Want me in long lasting nights

Don't leave me another time
Don't separate me from the bright stars
Don't let me fall to sleep without hearing your warm lullaby

Wake me up with your call from the light
Appear in my life to make the sun to shine again
Be mine and dance with me
I am dreaming of honey and taste of your lips

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