Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two and half

Now the winter is gone
With its gary skies
With its cold winds
With its trees without leafs
With you hiding behind gray walls

Spring has come
The snow is melting
Drop by drop
Rivers are forming
The sound of water is filling the air
The house is mountain is getting cleaned
The leafs are just waiting to bud
The flowers are looking up to you
To blossom when you take a rest
They do not want to lose to you

Bought a calming music
And imagining the fire place
In a far far place
"Did you know there is a 24 hour fireplace channel here but it loops every 2 minutes"
With real wood
And smell of honey

The spring is here
This will be the year love
This will be the year that the clouds of fear will disappear
The sun of happiness will surround us

And we will be thinking about love
And we will be free from fears
We will be flying and dancing

Spring has come
Spring has come


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