Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sitting on a soft coach
In a sunny afternoon
Nothing to worry about
Mercy full that there people
Who do not know the direction of the gain
Focused on only one thing
Filled with joy
Listening to sound of paradise
Seeing my reflection in the beautiful landscape of the green

So soft outside, touch able
Knowing that it is much softer inside
One by one
Release the circles from their bond
All to be enable
To see the two diamonds shining
And the beauty of the curves
Curves within curves
Knowing that the red treasure is hidden under

I move my fingers up and down
Felling the warmth and the slow beat of the want

Wanting to contact with the softness
Wanting to merge with the heat
Knowing there is only one circle is left
On the milky horizon
Followed by the entangled parallel metals
Tightly encompassing each other
Like my dream of being with you

What a beautiful color
Remind me of the color of a perfect
Pale green statue of Buddha I saw when I was young
I part the entangled metal from its tight holders
And let the pale green meet the
afternoon sun

Then she smiles
Floating in the air

I move my hand to the boundaries of happiness
Where the softness is hidden
Where you can imagine a blossomed magnolia flower
Calling you to explore the heat hidden with in it
So soft
So soft

She smiles again
She is so relax
Floating in the air
Sun encompassing her like a flower
In a late afternoon
I can feel the circle within circle
I can feel the magical lump
I can feel the convergence of the softness

The she look at me
Float upward
All of my senses are flooded with taste of honey
All of my senses are filled with smell of peaches
All of my senses are overwhelmed with the heat of the touch

I am floating with her
And the time stops

I know that to experience such a bright sun, you need to live in darkness
I know that to understand the joy, you need to apply pain
I know that to remember such a beautiful moment, you need to be agile

But I am lost in dream of the merging bodies
I am lost in the knowledge of knowing this might be my last dance
I am lost in enjoyment of that I will live with this memory for a long time
I am lost
Just enjoying the moment

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