Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thirty Four

How can one express in words, a perfect day
How can one express the sense of joy
How can one express the heart beats while waiting
How can one redraw a face which was drawn 543 years ago

Sitting alone waiting
After a long night
Is the wave will come
Is the call will come

The black box turn it self on
The greenish white light fills the room
The sounds from paradise resonate around the room
Now is the time, now is the time ..

No time to think
No time to prepare
Just run from six to eight
Two knocks, one, two
And the gate to heaven will be open

Purple Circles two by two or four by four
Different shades
Covering the beautiful white mountains
And I know the valleys are hidden behind
How nicer is the real one than the jpg image

You look at the three stars
Hanging out there on the most beautify land scape
Shining with magnificent reflection of their beauty
It is so nice to know that your reflection is within them

The cold from the north is in the room
It is around 72 degrees
And I know both of us are thinking about 34
But, how can you expand a finite time to infinity
When you do not know how to go back in time

I am thinking about her
I know she is just full of joy
Of her discovering herself in the desert of life
Knowing she is thinking about drawing

I want to know her, be part of her life
Want to hear her story
Under the white cloud of warmness
I listen to her beautiful stories
On her success of having 3 out of 4
How beautiful is her eyes, I am lost, drawn to the line at 11 o'clock

Just like going to the park, In a perfect day
Talk and talk
Touch and be touched
Think about how beautiful she is
Listen to the sound of the springs in the distance

The sun goes down
The music get louder, with our silence
I can see the merge of green and gray
I can move my trusty fingers in the smooth valleys

The taste of the honey is incredible
The dark purple tulips are opening up
Clock wise, or counter clockwise
Left or right, the joy is electrifying

I look at the left eye, then right eye
They are full of love
Full of wanting, wanting to be touched
Full of wanting, wanting to be merge with

White over the white
Sometimes hot, sometimes cold
And there are no fighting feathers
All quite, all dark, but i feel that I am starting to float

My finger merges with the waterfall
The water is warm, moist, encompassing
Sometime hard, sometimes soft
Circle within circle, and sometimes sensing of a protecting hardline

The taste of a dark coffee in an early morning
The smell dark chocolate
Is all around of me, and the peach has opened up
One or three and definitely not four tonight

Tonight, tonight
Is the night that I dreamed for nights
Is the night that the clouds and lights merged together
Tonight, tonight
Is the night that I dreamed for days and nights

I will stay up all tonight
Emsah, emshab
Ta sohb biddar me monam
Emsah, emshab

Not sure if I can think clearly
Just merge with the waterfall
Just clockwise and counter clockwise
Just try not to touch the deeper circle
Just try to touch the deeper circle
Not hard, not soft, just enough to make her eyes close enough

The talking, thinking, dancing are merged together
For the first time
We have moved up in the cascades of waterfalls
Up and up, just floating in the air

I am lost in my joy
Move from one to three
And she wants more
And she wants more

Should I resist the temptation
Should I become one with the clouds
Should I
No, she is my love, only love

She is my flower that I found
She is my dream that dreamt all my life
She is the golden color of my painting
She is my love, she is all I have

Just joy, just joy and more joy
Every touch is warm
Every taste is sweet
Just love, just love

Never traveled so high in joy
Never dreamed that I can reach the cascade of waterfalls
Never thought that she loves me so much
Never hear, voice so soft and full of love, saying I live you

Then one and one merge to two
So soft, so warm, so wanting
So soft, so perfect, so fulfilling
The dance is on, up and down and down and up

The tinkling start from my toes
Moves up through my body
The heat is unbelievable, I am merging, i'm floating
I just realize I am at the edge of the waterfall
And decide to jump and float down the stream

Oh joy, oh joy
How can I express my feeling of love
To the one covered in white
And is so relax

I watch her beauty for hours
Every berate she takes
Is in sync with my desired
Every move she makes
Is in sync with my desire

The night has come to an end
Half open eye, she looks at me
Why do I need to leave
Why do I need to live