Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two ..

without you

Two closed doors
Two glances from far
Two windows
Two friends
Two with a same pain
Two travelers in journey of life

Two waiting for the other one to touch
Two in harmony
Two in wanting love
Two in love
Two wanting to be one
Two dots
Two with hands holding tight

We crossed the orange sunsets
We merged together
We captured our shadows in a film
We learned the love story again
We believed that journey will go on for ever

We learned love can be infinite
We learned once one passes the solid line in the sand
She gets worried and want to go back
Now she knows, she can be loved, love can wait

We believed that no one will see us
Except that white bird fly over our head
And disappear in the dark clouds in the horizon
In that place far far from here
Where you discovered the icy lake is beautiful
And you are really in love

Two in love
Two full of dream about each other
Two with no limits
Two with no constrains
Two with one wanting to die without her
Two with one lost between two worlds
One full of love
One full of life and needs
Two with one want to pause loving

Two in love but far from each other
Two and one always worried about those tears coming drop by drop
Two with lots of excuses why not
Two with memories for the rest of life
Two with the solid line redrawn as a doted line in the sand
Two far from each other in dream of a unknown future

At the end
The water took the flower away
I wanted my bike back to follow my lost friend
I wanted the white shinny evory back
I wanted to go back to that place far far from here
Where I discovered the morning dew at the end of garden
Where I discovered i am alone in the world
Abandoned by all i loved, like now

Two next to each other
Two and one wanting to leave
Two and one wants to chose life than love
Two and one does not want to hear the wants

Two hands hold each other not tight
Two hands with limits
Two hands separated
Two tears with saying I want but I can't

We got lost in this gray world

Two strangers
Two far from each other
Two wanting each other but not now
Two friends
Two glances
Two windows
Two far from each other
Two dots not next to each other


bi to

بى تو

دو دريچه
دو نگاه
دو پنچره

دو رفيق
دو همنشين
دو هنجره

دو مسافر تو مسير زندگى
دو عزيز
دو همدم هميشگى

با هم از غروب و سايه رد شديم
قصه ى عاشقى را بلد شديم 
فكر مى كرديم اخر قصه اينه
جز خدا هيچكى ما را نمى بينه 

دو غريبه
دو تا قلب در به در
دو تا دل واپس اين چشم هاى تر
دو تا اسم 
دو خاطره
دو نقطه چين 
دو تا دور افتاده اى تنها نشين

عاقبت جدا شدن دستهاى ما
گم شديم تو غربت غريبها
 اخر اون همه لبخند و سرود 
چشم پر حسادت زمانه بود 


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Friday, September 23, 2011


Talk to me my love
Talk to me my love
The end of summer is near
I can sense that the winter is coming
I can feel the cold breeze on my face
I am lost in my dreams and wants

Talk to me my love
Talk to me my love
I am trusty for your words
I feel empty, lonely when you do not shine near me
I have been listening to you from the far
For so long
Days and nights
Nights and days

Hold my hand my love
Hold my hand my love
I am cold and scared of the future
I am worried about the dark clouds in the horizon
I want my orange clouds to cover skies
I want very day to be a Thursday
I am lost and can not focus
Am I losing you?
Am I losing you?

Talk to me my love
Talk to me my love
I have been listening to your talks
I have been searching inside your words
I have been floating in the memories of you

I know I am losing you
Step by step
Word by word
Not sure if I am dreaming or not

Touch me my love
Touch me my love
I have forgotten how soft it felt
I have been dreaming about you so much
Day and night
Night and day

Look at me my love
Look at me my love
You are always quiet
Just looking at me with tearful eyes
And I know I am losing you
Second by second
Minute by minute
Not sure if I am dreaming or not

Look at me my love
Look at me my love
I have been lost without you
When I close my eyes
And imagine you, smiling
Wanting to be with me

I am full of love
For you
Without you, I can not think what to do
Where to go
Can not count seconds go by
Can not hold on any more

Look at me my love
Look at me my love
I am lost without you
I know I am losing you
Day by day
Month by month
Not sure if I am dreaming or not

All I want is you
To love me
To want me
To hold me
To talk with me
To touch me

And when the moon is aligned with Mars
Dance with me

With no fear
With no fear

Will you hold me?
Will you love me?
Will you dace with me?


Friday, April 29, 2011


every day for thousand sixty two days
knowing that one day it will end
that i had no chance of success
every day, i woke up and told myself, oh please let's not be the day

every day i thought for thousand sixty two days
i put my hand around my beautiful flower
not let the river to take it away from me
but today i opened my arm and let my beautiful flower floated away

could not live to see her pain
could not see her thinking, trying to tell me stop
could not wait any longer with the two stones far apart
could not ignore all messages she was giving me

every day i thought for thousand sixty two days
if i do what ever she wants, what ever she says
she will let me to be more than a little triangle in a plastic cover
just be near her, just be able to smell her

every day i thought about her for thousand sixty two days
i dreamed about her, when i woke up, when i fell sleep
when i worked, when i listen to music, when i drove
dream and dreamed about one to thirty eight

i thought, if i agree and do what ever she wants now
she will be strong enough to find me a space, a little one
she will not leave me in my dark world
she will not let me drawn in my sadness

regardless of all pure love
regardless of all talks about here and there
regardless of all option a and option b
i lost her in a sunny afternoon after thousand sixty two days

she told me from day one
she told me crying from day one
that she does not want me to love her
that she does not want me to have her

all i wanted was a journey
a journey full of love
a journey full of touch
a journey full of talk

i let her float away
to be happy with her life
to be at peace with her self

i know i have lost her
i know she will not come back
i know i could not smell the oranges
i know i will not taste the honey
i know i will not hold my magnolias
i know i will not feel the water fall


i am sitting her alone
can not see what i am writing
with all tears in my eyes
just being thankful for the memories i have

those beautiful orange clouds
those beautiful walks
those beautiful shadows

it has been a perfect journey
i could not ask for more

Sunday, February 13, 2011


ryght welebeloued Voluntyne, Yf that ye loffe me as Itryste verely that ye do ye will not leffe me

right well-beloved Valentine, If you love me, I trust.. you will not leave me.

It is a letter, written from a young woman to her love, and is the first mention of the word Valentine in the English language. And, for the first time, the descendants of Margery Brews and her betrothed John Paston have been traced.

The letter shows they were no different to us. They had the same loves, desires and financial problems”

In 1477 Margery wrote a letter to her John pleading with him not to give her up, despite her parents' refusal to increase her dowry.

While romantics 534 years later might celebrate Valentine's Day with fine dining, chocolates and flowers, Margery is left pleading with her love not to leave her while pledging her heart over all "earthly things".

Everywhere i look there is a sign, ..


We all die one day
We all become that mist floating around
We all become that droplet of water
Merging with first ray of the bright sun
As long as the sun shines
Afraid of falling down and losing our identity

We all will fall one day
We all join the rivers and clouds
We all be the part of the rainbow one day
We all are here on borrowed time
We are all here in search of love or to be loved

Life is short
Life is nothing but search for love
Life is nothing but realization that
She looked to your left eye
She looked to your right eye
In front of that beautiful glass garden
And smiled

Life is so hard
Life is so sad
Life means nothing when you offer your life with smile
And she turns the messenger off
Life is nothing when you know you were late by years
Old, lost in dreams and afraid of telling the truth
Knowing she will walk away

What is love
Remembering her, In every breath you take

Wanting to touch, The lines, curves and the valleys
So soft, so warm, so beautiful
In every moment

What is love
Wanting her to remember you, now and when you are gone
Wanting her to break the constraint walls around her
Wanting her to want you
Wanting her to tell you that, once
Wanting her to merge with you
Wanting to merge with her
Just feeling her pules
Just inhaling her smell of peaches

What is love
Sitting here far above the clouds
Looking at the lines, curves and valleys below
With rivers cris crossing, frozen and white
Knowing that one day I will be part of this beautiful landscape somewhere
Floating, merging and being part of a river
Floating Away from you, like now

Wanting to find you
Be part of the water near you
Be the mist that surround you, when you go for your walk
Be the cloud that protect you from the blazing sun

In such a short time we have
Let's be the one that defines love
Pure love


Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is true, my love

This is true, my love
That the reflection of light in your green eyes
Make the clouds in my heart explode, in a blaze

This is true, my love
That your sweet lips are red as blushing bride
And your kiss taste like a fresh honey

This is true, my love
That the tree of paradise, flower within you
With the white flowers and a yellow shade inside

This is true, my love
That the night sheds drops of dew at your site
And the morning sun surrounds your site with bright white and yellow lights

This is true, my love
That the touch of your hot breath intoxicates my soul
And your voice makes the world full of silence to hear your songs

This is true, my love
the universe and life is nothing but dreaming of dancing with you

This is true, my love
This is true, my love ... ()

Do you hear me calling you
Do you hear the voice of lonely one from the far
Asking you to call back
Asking you to remember me
Not to leave me here with the echoes of my life

Do you feel the love from my look
Do you have a minute to calm down
Come and rest by my side
Let me tell you our story
Let me walk you through our lives

Did you hear me calling you
Did you hear the voice of lonely one from the far
Asking you to call back
Asking you to remember me
Asking you to be mine, not now but when the clouds are gone

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remember my Name

Winter skies
Make me realize
That you are not here with me
The blue flower is gone
Only the old boat and white truck is left behind

I remember
Dancing with you you until the sun was gone
I still can feel the softness of the curves
Line after line, curve after curve and the heat

This is the time of the season
That all around of us are dark
And only hope makes the darkness bright
Do you really mean what you say?

You know that
For you I will do anything
When the morning comes
Or when the night falls

Will you remember my name?
Will ask me to come again?
Will you dance with me in the candle light until the morning comes?
Will you ..?
You know I will die for you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Tell me that you want to dance
I want to feel your pulse on mine
I want to feel the softness of the lines
Tell me that you want to dance

I hear the music is playing
I see the sun is going down
I see the orange clouds are turning dark
Waiting for us to start

I can see us starting to dance
In middle of white clouds
I can feel the smoothness of the lines
I can touch the beautiful curves

I'm not afraid of anything but time
I know that you want to dance
But waiting for the right time to come
Waiting for the rain

I'm not afraid of anything even time
I know that you want to dance
I know the right time will come
And the bright sun will be mine