Sunday, February 13, 2011


ryght welebeloued Voluntyne, Yf that ye loffe me as Itryste verely that ye do ye will not leffe me

right well-beloved Valentine, If you love me, I trust.. you will not leave me.

It is a letter, written from a young woman to her love, and is the first mention of the word Valentine in the English language. And, for the first time, the descendants of Margery Brews and her betrothed John Paston have been traced.

The letter shows they were no different to us. They had the same loves, desires and financial problems”

In 1477 Margery wrote a letter to her John pleading with him not to give her up, despite her parents' refusal to increase her dowry.

While romantics 534 years later might celebrate Valentine's Day with fine dining, chocolates and flowers, Margery is left pleading with her love not to leave her while pledging her heart over all "earthly things".

Everywhere i look there is a sign, ..


We all die one day
We all become that mist floating around
We all become that droplet of water
Merging with first ray of the bright sun
As long as the sun shines
Afraid of falling down and losing our identity

We all will fall one day
We all join the rivers and clouds
We all be the part of the rainbow one day
We all are here on borrowed time
We are all here in search of love or to be loved

Life is short
Life is nothing but search for love
Life is nothing but realization that
She looked to your left eye
She looked to your right eye
In front of that beautiful glass garden
And smiled

Life is so hard
Life is so sad
Life means nothing when you offer your life with smile
And she turns the messenger off
Life is nothing when you know you were late by years
Old, lost in dreams and afraid of telling the truth
Knowing she will walk away

What is love
Remembering her, In every breath you take

Wanting to touch, The lines, curves and the valleys
So soft, so warm, so beautiful
In every moment

What is love
Wanting her to remember you, now and when you are gone
Wanting her to break the constraint walls around her
Wanting her to want you
Wanting her to tell you that, once
Wanting her to merge with you
Wanting to merge with her
Just feeling her pules
Just inhaling her smell of peaches

What is love
Sitting here far above the clouds
Looking at the lines, curves and valleys below
With rivers cris crossing, frozen and white
Knowing that one day I will be part of this beautiful landscape somewhere
Floating, merging and being part of a river
Floating Away from you, like now

Wanting to find you
Be part of the water near you
Be the mist that surround you, when you go for your walk
Be the cloud that protect you from the blazing sun

In such a short time we have
Let's be the one that defines love
Pure love


Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is true, my love

This is true, my love
That the reflection of light in your green eyes
Make the clouds in my heart explode, in a blaze

This is true, my love
That your sweet lips are red as blushing bride
And your kiss taste like a fresh honey

This is true, my love
That the tree of paradise, flower within you
With the white flowers and a yellow shade inside

This is true, my love
That the night sheds drops of dew at your site
And the morning sun surrounds your site with bright white and yellow lights

This is true, my love
That the touch of your hot breath intoxicates my soul
And your voice makes the world full of silence to hear your songs

This is true, my love
the universe and life is nothing but dreaming of dancing with you

This is true, my love
This is true, my love ... ()

Do you hear me calling you
Do you hear the voice of lonely one from the far
Asking you to call back
Asking you to remember me
Not to leave me here with the echoes of my life

Do you feel the love from my look
Do you have a minute to calm down
Come and rest by my side
Let me tell you our story
Let me walk you through our lives

Did you hear me calling you
Did you hear the voice of lonely one from the far
Asking you to call back
Asking you to remember me
Asking you to be mine, not now but when the clouds are gone