Sunday, February 13, 2011


ryght welebeloued Voluntyne, Yf that ye loffe me as Itryste verely that ye do ye will not leffe me

right well-beloved Valentine, If you love me, I trust.. you will not leave me.

It is a letter, written from a young woman to her love, and is the first mention of the word Valentine in the English language. And, for the first time, the descendants of Margery Brews and her betrothed John Paston have been traced.

The letter shows they were no different to us. They had the same loves, desires and financial problems”

In 1477 Margery wrote a letter to her John pleading with him not to give her up, despite her parents' refusal to increase her dowry.

While romantics 534 years later might celebrate Valentine's Day with fine dining, chocolates and flowers, Margery is left pleading with her love not to leave her while pledging her heart over all "earthly things".

Everywhere i look there is a sign, ..

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