Friday, April 29, 2011


every day for thousand sixty two days
knowing that one day it will end
that i had no chance of success
every day, i woke up and told myself, oh please let's not be the day

every day i thought for thousand sixty two days
i put my hand around my beautiful flower
not let the river to take it away from me
but today i opened my arm and let my beautiful flower floated away

could not live to see her pain
could not see her thinking, trying to tell me stop
could not wait any longer with the two stones far apart
could not ignore all messages she was giving me

every day i thought for thousand sixty two days
if i do what ever she wants, what ever she says
she will let me to be more than a little triangle in a plastic cover
just be near her, just be able to smell her

every day i thought about her for thousand sixty two days
i dreamed about her, when i woke up, when i fell sleep
when i worked, when i listen to music, when i drove
dream and dreamed about one to thirty eight

i thought, if i agree and do what ever she wants now
she will be strong enough to find me a space, a little one
she will not leave me in my dark world
she will not let me drawn in my sadness

regardless of all pure love
regardless of all talks about here and there
regardless of all option a and option b
i lost her in a sunny afternoon after thousand sixty two days

she told me from day one
she told me crying from day one
that she does not want me to love her
that she does not want me to have her

all i wanted was a journey
a journey full of love
a journey full of touch
a journey full of talk

i let her float away
to be happy with her life
to be at peace with her self

i know i have lost her
i know she will not come back
i know i could not smell the oranges
i know i will not taste the honey
i know i will not hold my magnolias
i know i will not feel the water fall


i am sitting her alone
can not see what i am writing
with all tears in my eyes
just being thankful for the memories i have

those beautiful orange clouds
those beautiful walks
those beautiful shadows

it has been a perfect journey
i could not ask for more

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