Sunday, November 2, 2014

You are ..

You are my everything
You are the sun that shines on me and makes me so happy
You are the force that drives my existence
Only you, my love

If you dance with me
I feel that your essence is merged with me
There's not a space between us
You are my light

You are my everything
Forever and always
Since I saw you
I'll never have any fear of life
I want to fly with you to distant stars

Will fly by you
In a world where only your love rules
Leaving the lake behind us
Just you and me

You are my everything
Forever and always
Since I saw you
I'll never have any fear, for your love again I felt
And reborn

Dance with me today
On a white cloud in the sky
Your eyes shine like stars
For me, for my love

Sixty five

Two rooms
Fourteen steps
An old elevator with missing E from BG
Droplets of water on the glass
Dark outside
White or creamy color doors
Black prime number with a null integer
Standing there waiting for it to open

Two rectangles covered by blankets
Empty cages on the wall
My dream is hidden behind the door
So beautiful
Moving my hand up and down
Sensing the band around my desire

Will I be able to release the Js from Us one handed
Will I be able to touch the soft triangle
Will I be able to rest my head in between those beautiful magnolias
Will I be able to taste the milk and honey
Will I be able to feel the heat
Will I be able to open the door to the world of pleasures
Will I be able to touch the hidden circles with in circles
Will I be able to hear the sound of Angels murmuring
that " I am coming"

Will I
Will I

Two white rectangles uncovered
Separated by a black void
A virtual sword in between
The Js are now alone resting on the table

The soft beautiful triangle is hidden from view
I can taste honey and it's aroma
I can rest my head on top of white magnolia
I can taste heat, clockwise, counter clockwise
I can trace the valley of pleasures up and down
And stop at the boundary of softness and heat
Touch the where the circles within circles are hidden beneath the green and blue
Touch the boundaries left and right

Oh it is so nice
Oh it is so perfect

I can die now happy full of joy
The green and blue birds are flying to the wall
The magical warmth is reachable
There is a sense of coming in the air 

I am flying in the air
Between the white and void in between
And getting filled by  pleasure not explainable
Gentle touch
Gentle pull
Gentle smile

I can touch the warmth
I can open the passage to the hidden pleasure
I can touch the circles within circles
I can only see glimpse of the beautiful green
I can taste the honey
I can feel the softness new hidden valley

I am dreaming of flying into clouds
Everywhere is so soft like a velvet
Every touch is returned with a touch

Will I bring sadness to this perfect world
If I stop flying and merge into the unbelievable softness
Will I bring tears on to those beautiful eyes
If I connect every part of my being with its perfect matching part
And merge within
Will I
Will I

One rectangle alone
Distanced from its partner
The magical sword has disappear in the void
Should I
Should I

Then suddenly the world changes clockwise
I can see the pain of turning
I can feel the touch
I can hear the whisper

I am in my backyard garden
Underneath the beautiful magnolia tree
With flowers all above me
I can touch their soft body
And see and touch their red stems
So warm
So full of life
In tune perfectly in harmony with the wind
Synchronized with my hearth beat
Synchronized with my being
 Like two pair of leafs
 Dancing in the gentle winds
I can pull it toward me
The one that I dream about
I can touch my perfect triangle
I can feel my soft valley and it's waves
I can sense moist covering it up
I can see that the cherry blossoms are full
I can smell the aroma of perfect feeling

The world is turned back again
I am lying down next to the heat
Should I merge
Should I
I merge with the river of softness
I can feel that every part of my being
Is filled with tinkling sensation
Wanting more
Wanting to dance
Wanting to become one
Wanting to taste
Wanting to dance

Wanting to be one
Wanting to stop time
Wanting to last forever
Wanting to be one

I rediscover the soft little valley hidden below the mountain
I can feel the birds of pleasures flying
I can sense the vibration
I can feel the time has come
I can see the narrow edge of seeing closing
I can sense the doors to my heaven tightening
I can feel the coming of joy
I can feel the waterfall surrounding me
I can feel that the heart beats are slowing down

I know this might be my last flight
I know this might be my last encounter with pleasure
But can I force my want
Can I ask for more

The world stops
The time stops
I can hear the rain drop at the window
My hearth beat stops
I can see the beautiful green circles
Full of joy
Full of wanting to be yours

I can see the white tiger entering
I can see the pain of Turing
I can see the beautiful magnolia disappearing

So soft
So perfect
So pleasurable
So in tune with every move I make
So in love

I am flying again
I can see the water fall below
I can fly there
I can stay here for hours and hours
But can not wait any more
The desire to Merge with the waterfall so strong
All of my surrounding disappears
It is only me in perfect harmony
I can merge now
Time stops
I can sense the infinite joy of life
I am breathless

I can die now
I can live with memory of this love