Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cold and Dark

It is cold and dark
Can hear rain droplets hitting the window
I am lost in the mist and rain
in this lonely night
losing my dream,  one x at the time
because can't control myself
Because it is a vertical Cliff to ascend  

I am freezing slowly
within this cold world
everywhere is surrounded by darkness and cold
you are not covering me with your warmth
you are hiding from me behind a filter of politeness

I am freezing slowly
want to get back to your bright side
don't want to cry so much
don't want to lose you again

i started to dream about those discrete white lines
in the road to unknown 
Where mountains are white 
And valley are dark
so fast 
so bright

i started to think about the soft white shell 
cold and feel like snow
i started to dream about flying from the peak
so nice

i want you to be mine
independent of what i do with this world of darkness and pain
free from P and E complines
just be mine with no conditions
no boxes to cross
no constraints

i know it is an impossible dream
but that is the hope i have

will you let me have my dream

Yahya ..

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